Chakra Anatomy

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Transform your life. Find your inner peace. Know your purpose. Feel fulfilled. Create your life.

If these things sound good to you then this program is for you. We will peel away the layers of the chakras to expose the areas needing attention to create change. Each lesson includes practical exercises to help you reflect deeper. These lessons are for life. You can keep coming back to what you've learned to help you keep moving forward in your life. There is no better time to start working on your self then right now.

Jena Skai Rowland

Jena Skai Rowland

Healing Arts Instructor, LMBT, SRMT

Stress is an everyday occurrence, but some people have a much harder time handling it. I was one of those people. My life from a very young age was full of tragedy and trauma. In my teen years I stumbled on some amazing healing energy when I lived in Hawaii. It was there I underwent my awakening and began working with energy. This was only the start of my journey.

Over the years I became certified in many different things, including a licensed massage & bodywork therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and founder of the Shamanic Reiki tradition, yoga instructor, as well as natural health and aromatic medicine practitioner, and many more ranging from energy healing to clinical therapy. I believe everything we need to heal is already created here on earth, we need only to recognize it.

My experiences forever changed me and it has become my passion and purpose to help others learn these natural ways to heal and develop a deeper understanding of the mind, body and soul.

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